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Armodafinil TABLETS 150 mg

Armodafinil 150mg belongs to a group of medications known as wakefulness-promoting agents. It is indicated to improve wakefulness in adult patients. As a eugeroic, it helps deal with hypersomnia and excessive daytime sleepiness.

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Armodafinil deals with shift work sleep disorder and narcolepsy, two conditions that cause excessive daytime sleepiness. It can also be used for obstructive sleep apnea (breaths shallowly during sleep) along with other medical treatments.

Additionally, it is frequently used off-label in dealing with the symptoms of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and ADHD and enhances alertness, cognition, and concentration.

Mechanism of Action:

Armodafinil  is a single-isomer of modafini. The exact mechanism of action is unidentified; however, as eugeroics, it is responsible for providing long-lasting mental arousal. It works by altering a few natural substances in your brain region that regulates wakefulness and sleep.


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