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Refund Policy:

UK Bedtime Pill Store has a very customer friendly refund policy, we compensate a full refund or return on all the orders that are not delivered or wrongly delivered due to any error caused by us. We keep a strong track over your orders but a few times due to certain issues, if your parceled medicines gets lost or are held without any prior reason, kindly contact us over our customer support in these situation so that we could help in the proceeding. Any certain condition/delay or loss of the parcel, we will not accommodate the return or refund if the errors done are not done by UK Bedtime Pill Store .

Return Policy:

UK Bedtime Pill Store runs a firm return policy on almost all the orders. Any miss-dispatched order will be returned by us so if you get a wrong medicine it will be on us and we will accommodate you with the order of medicine that you placed. Kindly note that we only accommodate the return of the orders that are wrongly dispatched not the medicines that you placed. So if you place an order of the wrong medicine, UK Bedtime Pill Store will not be responsible for it.

Privacy Policy:
Use of Information

UK Bedtime Pill Store uses the information gathered by the website and details personally shared by the customer only to communicate the queries and order proceedings of our customers. We also share our updated policies, services and product info through our newsletters.

Security of Information

UK Bedtime Pill Store has a very much secured system and uses high tech advanced security measures to ensure your visit safe on our website. All the details shared by the customers at the time of order placement regarding Personal and Credit Card Information are safeguarded by the secured encrypted technologies in order to make sure the security of your information details. UK Bedtime Pill Store advanced security systems keeps the customers away from the fraud systems. Additionally, the identifiable personal data of our customers are safely kept in the secured and shielded computer systems as per the newest protection data guidelines.

Disclosure of Information

UK Bedtime Pill Store has a greater concern of your privacy and will not share your personal or identifiable data with any known or unknown individual or corporation. However, in case of legal matters, we are bounded to provide the asked information to the Court of Law, or Law enforcement agencies.

Cookie Policy:

UK Bedtime Pill Store does not store/use any cookies, but it can be saved by some third part application browsers to give you a better browsing experience on our website. However, the application will seek a permission to use the cookies, with the granted permission, cookies will be used by the Web Server and will be shared with the Web Browser for identification and track of the web request. These cookies are persistent cookies, which are only stored in the user’s side until they delete it.

What People Say About Us

My package got delivered at the said time, very happy with your service. You guys are fab!

Sandy Cooper


I use half a pill of diazepam 10mg every day for my insomnia, and I always buy it from this site. Their medicines are original and authentic. Thank you for saving me from the hassle.

Linda Patison


Very much satisfied with my order! Their privacy policy is highly safe, and prices are very much reasonable. Highly Recommended!

Jenifer Johnson

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